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with experienced project management

Euro Vinyl Glasshaus in Vaughn showing off the lovely 2200 series vinyl sliding doors
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Our passion extends past our products and into our love for project management.

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Come visit our showroom to see many products besides patio doors on display.

Rodney adding the finishing touches to one of Aluplast's Vinyl tilt and turn doors
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Any time is a good time, contact us from the tab above or call us anytime to book a consultation with an experienced project manager.

You put too much effort in to not be happy with your home

When buying windows, entryway doors, and especially patio doors. It is a process.

This involves proper product selection, a visit to the showroom to see more samples or colours and the ability to interact with a project manager who will help you with the process.

"Professional installation is the key to success, when you combine a beautiful product with a proper installation you achieve the desired effect."
-John Spula Co- CEO.

About us

Expertise from Forhomes Ltd. and products from North America and Europe

vinyl tilt and turn patio doors with sable colouring from euro vinyl

Showing off a beautiful tilt and turn system done for a renovation, installation as always by Forhomes Ltd.


Some of our hard numbers

Happy Customers and Contractors

Based in the city of Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area, we have a constantly growing clientele of happy customers and developers!

Sales made

Based in Mississauga in the GTA we are able to provide our sale services almost anywhere in Ontario and our installation services within a very large area.

New and Improved systems

We are always up to date with the newest systems on the market and our suppliers are some of the best in the industry

Daily Visits

Almost every day we have 10+ people coming to the showroom to understand our product.
4444 Eastgate Pkwy #2, Mississauga


Based in the city of Mississauga, we are a growing team under the Forhomes Ltd banner. Come visit our showroom for more then just patio doors.


Patio Door Store is part of the Forhomes Ltd group which includes not just patio doors but also custom door manufacturing and window/ entrance door installations.

installation design

Let us provide the optimal service

Based on the city of San Francisco we are able to provide our products not only in the city but all around the globe. We distinct our selfs from other companies.

For our strong believe in serving our customers the best way possible objectively seize scalable.

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Our store perks


We recently hired Forhomes to install Aluplast Tilt and Turn windows. The quality of the windows is fantastic, and the installation team led by Michael truly care about their work. Very professional install job from the windows, to the caulking, to the clean up. Thank you again, Eddie

Eddie K

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Sherry Narinesingh

Forhomes recently installed new windows and doors on our house and did a fantastic job! We are extremely happy with the quality of the product as well as the attention to detail in the installation.  The crew worked well together, and within the day, replaced all new windows in the house. We would recommend John and his team to anyone who is looking to have high end windows and doors in their home at a very reasonable cost!

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