Aesthetic in Motion

What patio door system looks the best and also fulfills your home? This is the perfect article to find out.

Aesthetic in Motion

Your home is made up of components which you have put blood, sweat and, tears into. When it comes to the exterior envelope of your home, you need finalizing pieces which will define the places through which you move.

We recommend that you choose a proper patio door system that will not only increase the aesthetic of your home, but also the safety, security, and sturdiness. The benefits of a good patio door system is much like the benefit of a proper set of windows.

With a proper installation, a new patio door system can truly help in many ways. Often, older systems are installed improperly and do not have the proper insulation or reinforcement. With Forhomes Ltd.'s experienced installation team, Patio Door Store can complete installations of nearly any kind of system, and there are MANY systems to choose from.

Understanding the difference between patio door systems is also important. Patio Door Store has compiled the best systems on the market that are ready to be shipped to you, the client, or can be prepared for installation.


Vinyl sliding systems remain the most popular and cost efficient. A simple system, the vinyl sliding patio door system is (on average), the best "bang for your buck". If you are looking for something to fit into a 5' or 6' opening, this is the system for you, check out our "products" tab or read our other blogs to learn more specific information!

Vinyl is also one of the optimal materials for making tilt and turn window and door systems. These are optimized for smaller openings that can be made completely operable. In other words, having a 6' (across) opening can completely change the look and feel of a room. The recommendation for these kinds of systems is in places where a tiny opening needs to be made as 'open' as possible.

Vinyl lift and slide systems are much the same as the aluminum versions. Lift and slide systems are simply sliding doors that instead of sliding, they lift... and slide. Creatively named, we know. Essentially the main difference is that there exists hardware inside of a lift and slide system that makes immense sizes of two panel sliding doors possible. To put it into perspective, the biggest lift and slide system can be 18'x9' and that is only 2 panels!


Aluminum sliding doors are different from vinyl ones. The main real difference is the type of material. Aluminum is more sturdy and takes paint differently, giving a more smooth and professional aesthetic. Aluminum systems are also made for thin framing, the frames are significantly thinner then those of their vinyl counterparts and these systems usually come with black as an included colour!

Aluminum lift and slide systems are also available. The benefit of these (Specifically the Loft lift and slide by Novatech) is that the configuration can be made asymmetrical, something which is not available in any of our vinyl systems.

The Future of Patio Doors

Every year, we are heading towards more and more energy efficient systems. Energy efficiency standards are going up in North America and are very slowly catching up to those in Europe. Start early.

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