Installing the perfect Patio Product

Understanding the perfect style of installation for your patio door system.

A Complex Process you won't have to worry about!

The most complex part of getting a new patio door is the installation. If installing it yourself, you're probably an expert or a project manager, if so, this blog may not be for you, but don't disregard the information, as it may still be valid.

The Cost

The price of an installation can vary on the type of door being installed and the type of opening.

Here they are listed from most likely to be cheapest (pricing depends on the system as well), and the intensity/ difficulty of the installation.  

Retro Fit

Lets begin with retro fit: a retro fit installation means putting a door into a pre- existing opening, therefore  filling it with a door which is the exact size of the opening, then simply finishing the inside and outside. For most reasonably sized doors, and for universal standards this is always the way to go and is proportionately the cheapest, and often easiest, installation method.

A good example of a system which works perfectly with 99% of retro-fit installations would be the Kent Vinyl Patio door and you can find it here: Link to Kent

Re Sized Openings

A re sized opening means that the dimensions of an opening are re-made to suit the new patio door system. This is a very good option when you are looking to significantly change an opening in your home/ project. This is probably the most visually impactful change as a new patio door door system, even 10"-12" larger has a lot more glass surface area and really changes the angle/ perspective of a room.

A perfect system which suits this kind of installation would be the very aesthetically pleasing but still reasonably prices Victorian Vinyl Sliding Door which you can find here: Link to Victorian

Changing a Window Opening to a Patio Door

Often, a window is cut down and changed into a patio door system to generate a new opening and to create a new perspective for a room. A common place that this is often applicable is patio or basement walk outs. Changing an opening to a patio door in one of these two types of rooms not only gives a significant amount of glass surface area, and also light, but also makes the space feel more open, since now you can simply walk out of where before you could not.

A stellar option for generating a real "wow" factor in your home would have to be the Aluplast lift and slide system. Although not the cheapest product, its incredibly power come from its durability and a large selection of possible sizes.

Creating a New Opening

For a truly new feel and perspective. A complete door cutout is the way to go. This is an option for doors which usually are only installed in new construction, however with a full cutout to an existing wall, it is definitely more possible to put elite style systems into your home. Much like converting a window to a patio door, this kind of cutout generates a completely new feel and perspective and completely redefines the room it is a part of.

A system that fits this criteria but is also applicable for all the others would be the Loft Lift and Slide system by Novatech, a new take on sliding patio doors: Link to Loft

New Construction/ Extremely Custom openings

Truly elite products exist in the Patio Door industry and they are most often applicable in new construction. These kinds of systems include extremely oversize sliding doors, multi panel sliding systems, and collapsible sliding doors.

To understand this product, it is necessary to see it in person, therefore come to the Forhomes Ltd showroom in Mississauga where we have the MB-86 Collapsible Patio door: Link to MB-86

Choose what installation is right for you by speaking to any of our project managers: e-mail us at

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